Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, A New Blog

Well, here I am. I've toyed with blogging in a few different formats I finally decided to join the crowd and put my own personal blog together and update it more often. So if you happen by, welcome. I think this is a great way to write down some of the happenings in my life and in the lives of my family members, and goodness knows we have more than just a little bit going on around here. Plus, I've always advocated journaling (all good English teachers do, you know), but never really felt comfortable writing all my thoughts down with a pen and paper. It seems much easier on the computer. So this will be my attempt at journaling, via technology.

Now, I'm taking a page from my dear friend, the Farmer's Wife and listing a few of my goals for the new year. 2008 was a great year, and I'm looking forward to another one, when Benjamin will turn 5 and head to kindergarten, Allison will be potty trained (no more diapers, YES!) and turn 3. Adam is barely 11 and getting so responsible and talkative, and Haley will continue the Junior High years (ugh!) and turn 14.

As for me:
  1. Spiritual:
  • Wake up early enough to start my day with a quiet time and a cup of coffee.
  • Memorize 2 scriptures/month via the Living Proof Blog challenge.
  • Lead a summer Bible study in Miles City.
  • Grow in the knowledge and love of my Lord and Savior.

2. Physical

  • Exercise 4 x week: either walking, weight lifting, or Pilate's.
  • Drink more water, less Diet Coke.
  • Lose the last 15 or so pounds I've been working on.
  • Get physically strong enough to do pull-ups and push-ups.

3. Educational

  • Continue reading one quality piece of literature per month. (Thanks UBC!)
  • Take at least one continuing education course either via the internet or MTSBA, or teaching class.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Finish my chores before my fiddling around (computer time, tv time, messing around)
  • Spend quality time with Alli and Ben in some kind of fun learning activity 2 times/week.
  • Paint bedroom and bathroom.
  • Finish trim and touch-up paint in kitchen.
  • Clean out kids' closets.
  • Paint Alli's room and set up big girl bed.
  • Clean basement closets.
  • Paint and repair basement doors.
  • Touch up basement paint.
  • Get my garden planted before June 15th!
  • Stay caught up on weed-pulling in flower and veggie gardens.
  • Plant some new trees and bushes around the yard (remember to order from NRCS!).

Boy! I have an awful lot to do! But it helps me to write the list down and then refresh my brain with frequent visits to it. Right now I'm going to copy and paste this to a Word document so I can have it in black and white.

Looking forward to my blogging adventure. Hope to see you again soon.


The Farmer's Wife said...

Hooray! I'm the first commentator!!! Finally got it to work. I guess I can't log in first, then comment. Whatever.
So glad you're doing this. I love your blogskin! And I look forward to reading your posts, you little English teacher!
Your lists are very concise and useful and there's no doubt in my mind that you'll accomplish many, if not all, of the things you set your heart to do this year.
Happy blogging, girl!

scott said...

Focus, Focus, Focus!!!!!