Friday, January 9, 2009

Phoebe and Fluff

If you hadn't noticed, The Farmer's Wife quit haranguing her readers about taking a kitten off of her hands. That's because she gifted them to Benjamin and Allison for Christmas. While I like giving her a bad time about it, it has been great because they have already added excitement to our house. (And after a week of being home M-F it has been a huge blessing!)

Fluffernutter was chosen specifically for Benjamin, and I suspect mostly because they are very similar in personality. Fluff never met a carpet fuzz she didn't want to play with and she just can't resist needling Phoebe whenever she has the chance. The first evening, Fluff climbed to the top of the recliner, vaulted from there to the high chair which was about 2 ft. away, and then proudly climbed over to the counter. A few showers from the spray bottle have changed her desire to be up on the counter. Fluff also likes to climb into the dishwasher and taste the left-overs from all of our meals. Glad to see someone appreciates my cooking around here!

Phoebe was designated for Allison, and they too are a perfect match, if Phoebe can survive the intense "loving" that Alli bestows upon her. The other morning I looked down the stairs, and at the bottom, there was Allison, sitting with Phoebe on her lap, just as quiet and still as could be. Phoebe has determined if she goes into some small, dark place, she will be safe from all of the affection for a while. Her first choice was a hole in the wall in the basement bathroom that Scott made to fix a problem with the pipes. We had fears of either her using the hiding place as a litter box, or becoming so attached she'd never come out. So Scott put some plywood over the hole. Her new favorite place is right under the middle of our king-sized bed. Then it takes long-armed Daddy to get her out: no one else can quite reach her.

I've always been an "animals belong outside" kind of a person, mostly because that's the way my family always was. We had one cat that everyone was very fond of that lived indoors for awhile while I was in high school, but that's about it. It's been kind of a big step for me to have animals living "with" me rather than "near"me. I do have a bit of a cat allergy, so it will be interesting to see how that goes... in general my allergies have improved as I've gotten older.
The best thing is that both kids are learning to be concerned about "someone" other than themselves. Ben actually volunteered to "scoop the poop" this morning and they both like to feed and water their kitties. Getting 2 and 4 year olds to think of someone besides him/herself is quite an accomplishment.

I'm sure the new and exciting part will wear off soon, but so far Phoebe and Fluff have added a good dimension to our country life!


Marisa said...

Too cute! Traci, the kids are growing up too fast! It is quite an accomplishment to get them to think of anyone besides themselves.
How wonderful!

The Farmer's Wife said...

That was so much fun to read, particularly since I know everyone involved, including the cats. I'm glad they are working out, and it looks like Scott is tolerating them, too.
This summer, they'll be endless fun outside. Because they love people so much, whenever you weed your flowers, they'll be right with you. And if you can't find the kids, look for the cats and the kids will be about 6-10 feet away!
Good stuff!

Kristin said...

Allison's kitty has a resigned look on her face, doesn't she! What a sweet picture! And I recognize the brand blanket in the background. I have the same one on my couch. Dad bought them for all of us for Christmas one year.

TraciG said...

Yeah--my dad did the same thing. Resigned is a good word for it!

Kerri said...

Flutternutter must be a twin to my terrorist kitten Klaus! He is alllllllll over the house in 30 seconds or less. He amazes us how quick he moves and everything he plays with. Add to the chaos two beagle puppies (all 5 months old) and life is never dull at our house! :) Fun story to read today! Thanks for sharing.

scott said...

the cats are pretty entertaining, especially tonight while I'm batching it.