Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

For any of you that spend any time at all on "Facebook" you know about the countless lists and surveys they send out. That's why I usually just hit IGNORE... same as I do with the other applications. The whole thing can be kind of cumbersome, and definitely a time sucker. But my friend Mary, the Facebook Dropout, did think the list titled "25 Random Things About Me" was interesting. She challenged me to come up with the 25 things or so, and then post them on my blog. The thing is, I can come up with all kinds of things about myself, but I kind of wear my heart on my sleeve, so I'm not so sure that any of my list is really that big of a secret. I mean, people who know me, know me. I've definitely been known to "over share" and that acronym "TMI"--I'm pretty sure I've seen that flashing in the eyes of people that I'm talking to (as well as my husband--he's actually cringed before). I'm trying to get better about that, but I also think that sharing is how you make friends. I mean, if you come across like you're perfect all the time, no-one wants to be your friend, because they think you could never relate to them! And how can other people want to talk to you if you never say anything?

So this is in part for my friend Mary--and partly good brain exercise... Here goes:

1. I rarely do anything without listening to music (mostly Christian praise/worship and classic rock).

2. I hoard all matter of magazines with recipes, yet I usually cook the same things on a two week rotation.

3. I think I could live on potatoes, if I had to.

4. Cinnamon rolls are a close 2nd.

5. I really hate the wind but I'm trying to make peace with it.

6. I like to paint (walls, not art).

7. I am a huge procrastinator.

8. I love flowers and beautiful yards, but hate to weed.

9. I love to dance (two step, jitterbug).

10. I never drank coffee until I got married.

11. I've seriously considered getting a degree in school psychology.

12. I think I'd be a great administrative assistant for some big-time CEO.

13. Spring is my favorite time of the year.

14. I love to see all the fresh new black baby calves playing in the green grass and warm sunshine.

15. I love to bake fancy cakes.

16. I enjoy road trips with my husband.

17. I love to stay in hotels.

18. I was the high school mascot for boys basketball when I was a senior (free trip to all 3 tournaments!).

19. I was on the student senate in college for three years. I was also an RA for 1.25 years.

20. I used to play spring ball with the women's bball team at EMC when they were short bodies.

21. Someday I'd love to drive a Corvette convertible.

22. I love my kids more every day.

23. I enjoy working with the cattle and operating machinery.

24. Taking a drive around the ranch alone with my husband is my idea of a romantic date.

25. I love singing praise and worship music in a corporate setting.

That's not as easy as it looks. I'm sure I'll still be thinking about all the random things about me after I post this. Maybe I'll update my post if I come up with some other things. Right now I'm off to bake my hubby a red velvet heart cake for Valentine's Day. Happy Heart Day!


Kathy said...

Great list, Traci. I am on facebook also, but truthfully, it drives me crazy. Just too ....time consuming. I'd much rather blog!

The Farmer's Wife said...

I LOVE it!!! You didn't drink coffee until you were married? How on God's green earth were you able to teach?

I also love the sidebar about living in the're right, our kids don't play in the street. They climb on farm implements. Infinitely safer.

So when you say you love to bake fancy cakes...would that include the blueberry lemon birthday bomb? That you haven't made for several years?

You're a good sport. Now I'm going to have to post mine. I have the feeling, though, that you are a more generous, well-rounded person than I'll ever be, my friend!

The Farmer said...

#25: We would like to hire you to sing at our next Lang's Fork corporate meeting....something uplifting, like "Bringing In The Sheaves"!

And if you could do it in the mascot costume, we'd pay you. See #18

Anne said...

I like number 24 and totally agree - good date material. I didn't know about LOTS of these factoids!!! Can we get in on the convertible ride too?

TraciG said...

I didn't mean "corporate" corporate...I meant corporate like in a large group setting... church???? "Bringing in the Sheaves" reminds me of the Little House series on TV... I don't think they ever had a church service on there when they weren't singing that particular hymn...

The Farmer's Wife said...

We thought it was terribly appropriate for a farm meeting...

So, no mascot uniform or singing gig? Dang! We had Vern sold on it. Naomi, not so much.