Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Weekend Wreck

This past weekend, Scott decided to fly to Colorado to watch Haley in her play and hang out with both Haley and Adam for a couple of days. Conveniently, there's now a semi-direct flight from Miles City to Denver with either a stop in Gillette or Scottsbluff, Nebraska. So, we dropped Scott off at the airport and went to watch my sister's team at the district basketball team. After a fun-filled game with well over 50 turnovers between the two teams, we went and ate a nice dinner with my mom and dad to celebrate Dad's birthday. We finished eating about 6 or so and stopped to get gas before leaving town.

The sun was just setting as we drove down the backside of Airport Hill and toward Sunday Creek. The Suburban has such a nice suspension system, that before I knew it, I was cruising along at about 78 miles/hour. The car in front of me started to slow down about 12 miles out of town, so I followed suit. Benjamin was asking me where Daddy was, so I was explaining that Daddy had just landed in Denver and that it was a wobbly flight. About that time, I looked down to turn the heater off, noticed I was going about 65, and when I looked back up, there was a mama deer and her yearling crossing the road.


Yep. I did it. I hit a deer with the new Suburban and knocked out the grille, bumper, and a fog light and who knows what all underneath. I stopped to check on it, but nothing was leaking from the radiator, or the engine, so we proceeded to drive the rest of the 25 miles home, following Mom and Dad at a speed of about 60. No more deer, no more wrecks.


The Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks for cleaning the deer hair off before taking the picture! I want to cry for you....Nothing makes your stomach turn like hitting a deer in a new car.

The only thing worse is hitting a black cow. Ask my sister.

The Farmer said...

A prime example of distracted driving. All the more reason to leave the kids somewhere else when any driving is to be done. I say we don't need hired men to work in the corral, but nannies to allow the women in our lives more time.(campaining for new scuba equipment, put a good word in for me with mary)

TraciG said...

God love you Wayland!

Pohney said...

I am so sorry to hear about your car! I am very thankful no one was injured (other than the deer!) Having hit a deer or two myself, I know how sick you are about damaging the new Suburban. Cars are easily fixed or replaced. Our families are not.
Take the kids with you when you go places, they need to learn the ways of the world and there is no one better than Mom and Dad to teach them. Although there are times when they have totally humiliated us, that we wished we had a nanny! (Like the time in the old Osco on Valley Drive East when son Richard, about 3, said, "Scuze me Toots" to a lady as we were both trying to go around the end of the same aisle!)
Didn't take me long to exit the store!