Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CUPS: Time for a Refill

After a few weeks of craziness, the members of CUPS declared its regularly scheduled meeting was actually an emergency meeting. Anne had some pork business in Dallas (bbqed ribs possibly?), Mary had a date with an oral surgeon, and me, well, let's just say that I had no real good reason to miss, but I was busy. We also had a rash of illness in all five of the off-spring and one husband, and a visit from some Texas Travel Mugs that either forced us to cancel or change the regularly scheduled location.

But today we were back and we were back with a vengeance. Anne once again played the "Hostess with the Mostess", I baked peaches and cream muffins (minus the cream cheese filling which would have forced me out of bed before 4:30--I mean, I love you girls, but not that much!!) and Mary, well, let's just say that we decided to take a day off from arts and crafts. Instead, we had a visitor! A real, live visitor--okay she came via the phone line, but never-the-less, we had the addition of a 4th CUP for the day. Former Jordan-ite and fellow stay-at-home mom, Amber Erlenbusch graced us with the presence of her voice for a good 10-15 minute visit. Amber is a faithful blog-tourist and we feel like we "virtually" know her. And I've gotta say, she must be some kind of mommy, because I never heard a peep the whole time from her flock of off-spring, aged 4, 2, and 2 months.

And lest I forget, we had another first-timer, in the flesh, a partner for Cupcakes #1 and #2, Cupcake #3 Angus. We're not real sure how Angus feels about hanging around with all those women, but he appears to be enjoying his "cocoa boboo" (his words, not mine) and a muffin! He and Allison enjoyed playing near each other, but did an excellent job of sharing Gwennie's fun plastic blocks.

We looked through cookbooks and a fun Rachel Ray magazine, googled "crystalized sugar" for my baked goodies, and just enjoyed some time together. It's hard to explain to people who aren't or haven't been stay at home moms, because it's a really unique place in life. We have all chosen to be home with our kids and Anne and Mary work part-time in "real" jobs on top of that! I help out as much as I am able with the ranch work as well as doing much of our book work, so "free" time is really pretty hard to find. It's something we all three look forward to each week, and feel pretty sad when we have to miss a session. We have developed deeper friendships, cultivated some new interests and stolen a few recipes in the process. We welcome CUPS from other cupboards to join us if they want, via whatever means possible. Have your coffe mug ready.
Thanks ladies, for a little time out of the "daily grind"!

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks for taking over the CUPS report this week! Goot jop!

I just feel so blessed to have those 3 hours every Wednesday for friendship, laughter, yummy food and perspective. And Anne's house is such a refuge.