Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World (It's March!!!)

One of the things I love about the family that I married into is their interest in sports. Growing up a Wiederrick, being a sports fan is part of the genetic code. I remember my dad watching hockey on CBC when we were little, and I also remember my older sister Terri sneaking out of the bedroom on Monday nights and laying in the hallway around the corner from the living room so she could listen to the Monday night game instead of having to go to bed. She used to give me quizzes on the professional football and baseball teams and their mascots. She even sported an UGLY Green Bay Packers jogging suit for PE when she was in 5th grade. Not sure why she liked the Packers, because I think wearing something that ugly would definitely make me decide to like a team with better colors!! We also used to play a lot of basketball out on the hoop at the garage. Dad would help us work on our shooting form and tell us we needed to shoot 100 freethrows a day. And to work on our left hand. And to work on our lay-ups. And to shoot at the top of our jump, providing we had any vertical at all.... We would play 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and by the time Cindi and Frank got old enough, sometimes 3 on 3. A "no-blood, no-foul" game against the neighbor boys Steve, Kevin and Mark was a guarantee after a long day of wrestling calves at branding.

I was a little bit of a late bloomer when it came to being a sports fan. I was usually stuck somewhere reading a book and someone would roust me outside to play basketball. I played 3 out of 4 years in high school and was by no-means the go-to girl. I played and had some success, but I really got interested when I went away to college. In college I played intramurals (on as many teams as I could possibly play on), even refereed some,and occasionally worked out with the EMC women's team where my sister played, that I really started to pay attention. I got to be more and more competitive,and more and more interested which eventually paid off. Apparently there aren't many English teachers who are interested in coaching, so it made me a little more marketable. I coached basketball for 11 years, starting as an 8th grade coach in Broadus, moving to Freshman coach in both Broadus and Shepherd, then became the Sophomore coach in Miles City, and then finished as the JV coach.

When Scott and I were dating, we spent a couple of weekends checking heifers and watching the NCAA tourney in the Mouse House at the ranch, and continue to watch it now that we're married and have a house full of kids. We helped Gus with his March Madness pool and eventually put the competition on the CBS sportsline bracket manager to make it easier for more people to be involved from far away places (like North Carolina!). My whole family--brother and fiance', sister, sister and 2 kids, mom and dad--enters our bracket contest. It's really fun to get our kids involved too. Haley and Adam look forward to picking their brackets every year, and even Benjamin is getting into the action this year. He picked Oklahoma two weeks ago, and stuck with them! Terri's kids are pretty excited about it too. Every year we all get geared up in February and watch lots of college basketball, thinking it will give us a leg-up in the pool. But really it is pretty much luck and there's not a whole lot of skill involved. We're pretty happy for whoever wins, but Scott said this morning all he mostly cares about is making sure he beats my sister Terri, even if he's 2nd to last and she's dead last.

I just have one parting thought: GO DUKE!!!


Jessica said...

Brad hates March just because of March Madness...Shelby just rolls her eyes at me. I actually got extra credit in College for having more winning picks than anybody in my Wellness Class.....LOVE MARCH!!
I love Duke, but UNC may beat them this year-we will see!

Kristin said...

Ahhh...I remember Barnyard Basketball! It used to be Steve and Kevin against everybody else. I remember one game after a 4-H meeting at our house where the game only ended when Annette broke two fingers. Good times.

And you're right....sports IS genetic with the Wiederricks. Whoever thought that I would be coaching volleyball?

The Farmer's Wife said...

I, um, try to get a little enthusiasm in March, but I just can't muster a ton. Football is my sport of madness, you know. Or croquet. Or men's beach THERE'S a sport that could use more coverage. (Figuratively speaking, of course...)

Hope your bracket is good and that you win the moola and the glory! (Is that how I wish you luck in this venture?)