Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter, Country Style

This year we had the pleasure of having some old friends and new friends over for our Easter holiday. The Pluhars (old friends) and the Jaspers (new friends) came over in the afternoon about 4:30 p.m. to help celebrate the Easter holiday and Benjamin's 5th birthday. The menu included prime rib, McNeely potatoes (Karen Gs recipe), 7 Layer Salad courtesy of Naomi P., Peach/Pretzel Salad by the Farmer's Wife, homemade rolls, Au Jus and marinated mushrooms. We also shared a bottle of Chenin Blanc and some Fat Tire. It was quite a feed!

Flowers and wine, courtesy of Mrs. C.

Benjamin was lucky enough to be born in the spring of the year, along with the baby calves and the baby chicks, but sometimes he has to share his special day with Easter. This year we had lots of fun with Maggie and Angus to help us celebrate. After a great supper, the dads and kids headed out to do an Easter Egg hunt while the moms cleaned up and did dishes. The wind made the hunt a little shorter than expected, but the kids got lots of loot via the stuffed eggs, and they found all but one of the "real" eggs. It won't be an unexpected surprise after 100 degree August heat though. Luckily Benjamin found it on Monday while we worked in the yard.


The Farmer's Wife said...

That picture of Ben, with his cake, is a CLASSIC! It makes me laugh everytime I see it! Complete with the friend trying to blow out the candle....

We have had our best holidays with friends! And recently, our best holidays have been with your family. Thank you for that beautiful afternoon and glorious meal. It fed our tummies AND our spirits.

MMMWWWAAAHH! (Don't know how to type a kissie sound...)

Kathy said...

Farmer's Wife has a great point....I tried to phonetically come up with what would be the spelling for a kissie sound, and I can't. Traci, it sounds like ya'll had a blast. I think if any of us mention food we should be required to send out recipes immediately! Have a great weekend!