Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He Is Risen

I had the privilege of singing with members of the praise team on Easter Sunday at our church, Grace Bible Church in Miles City. I occasionally sing on the praise team, and truthfully it is one of the neatest things to sing praise songs to our God with all the other church-goers.

This song has something about it that makes a person just sing and sing and sing it. I have had it running through my brain non-stop (with occasional "MOMMY" breaks) since Easter morning. It's always interesting to me to hear about the background of a song and the inspiration for the writing of a song. I'm including a link to a video of Chris Tomlin exploring that as well.

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Thanks Field Lily--I saw you do this in some of your posts and thought I'd give it a try...

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Kathy said...

Traci, the song is beautiful. I can understand why ya'll sang it, and why you're still singing it! : ) It's great. It's on my list for next year!!