Friday, April 17, 2009

S-mallish Pirates

We had a big event here this last week: Benjamin turned 5 years old. To be born in April on a ranch is somewhat of a misfortune. Usually everyone is pretty busy with calving, spraying pre-plant chemical, or planting crop. When he was born, it was the Monday after Easter, and Daddy had to take a little time off from rolling pea fields to come in and hang with Mommy during labor and delivery. Other years, Benjamin shares his birthday with Easter, which is a great privilege, but that also complicatrs matters somewhat. We try to really make Easter a significant celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, and sometimes Ben's big day gets lost in the shuffle. Not that he really suffers, for crying out loud between big brothers and cousins hand me downs and the loot he rakes in on his own, he has more toys than most kids!
Lately, Ben has been really interested in pirates, boats, and the like, especially after Adam got a Mega-Blocks pirate ship for Christmas. So, a pirate party we planned. The Farmer's Wife helped with the design of the party hats that we made out of that rubbery-type craft paper. When I was in Billings last week, I found all kinds of cool pirate plunder at Party America:beads, "gold", treasure maps, bags, and chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. I jumped on-line to find some kind of a pirate cake and found lots treasure chest cakes, so I tried my hand at that.

I took Benjamin in for preschool on Wednesday, dashed home to put some food in the crock-pot for the crew working bulls to eat later on in the afternoon, then drove back in for the PARTY! We had bags of treasure, pirate hats, bandanas, and swords. After a meal of chicken fingers and fries, (taco salads for the moms) we had treasure chest cake and ice cream. It took a bit but after the little ones warmed up to each other, the kids had a rousing game of "pirate". As near as I could figure Pirate Ben and Pirate Billy had a pile of "treasure" that they were trying to keep safe from the Raiders Lacey, Laney and Alli--sounds like a tough gang huh? Between the high pitched pirate whistles (you'd think it was my first time around as a mom or something. I mean what was I thinking???) and the screeching pirates, I'm not sure the rest of the diners at the cafe' had a very peaceful lunch, but the party goers had a great time.

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The Farmer's Wife said...

OH! I'm so sorry we missed it. Looks like a scurvy bunch....