Friday, April 3, 2009

So about those cats...

I'm sure you all remember the wonderful gift we got from our dear friends at Christmas: Phoebe and Fluffernutter. Yes them. Well, we are discovering all kinds of things about the feline members of our family. First of all, Phoebe is most definitely a female. And Fluffernutter is most definitely a male. So I would imagine there will be Phoebe-Nutters around here unless drastic measures are taken.

Secondly, I am remembering why I was not such a big fan of cats in the house.

1) Cat hair. I was putting my sweatshirt on this morning, and roamed around to do the morning tasks. When I finally started cooking lunch, I was done with the cornbread and well into the taco soup when I realized that I had enough white hair on my shirt to fully fur a month-old kitten. Not cool. Especially when you consider that 90% of my wardrobe is either navy blue, black, or brown. Plus for some reason there is apparently some attraction at the molecular level between the cat hair and the couch. It doesn't just hang out on the top of the fabric waiting to be vacuumed, it must be taken out with tweezers, much like plucking one's eyebrows, but I guess it doesn't hurt quite as bad.

2) Cat cuddling. Now don't get me wrong. There's nothing like having a
warm body to sleep near, especially when one tends to be a bit cold-blooded to start with. But when said body purrs to no end, and insists on nuzzling one's face (Yes it has to be the face. Not the neck, or back, or leg, or arm. The face.) sleeping with Phoebe can be especially challenging.

3) Cat on counter. Fluffer is probably more of a nuisance in this
particular category, but Phoebe has had her share of counter time too. They can have a perfectly full container of cat chow or fancy feast, or whatever the meal of the moment is, and they still insist on hopping up on the counter to lick, paw, and smell whatever it is that we ate, are eating or will eat. Cat-lick-marks in the butter is my absolute limit. I guess it has made me be certain everything is either covered, or put in the refrigerator remove the temptation.

4) And last, but not least, cat pee. Cat waste is probably the one thing
about indoor cats that make me the most crazy. Cleaning out the cat box,
isn't exactly my idea of a favored hobby. Although, I must say the clumping and deodorizing properties of kitty litter have come a long, long way since my last house cat in the late '80s. My dislike of cat pee probably stems from the fact that one time, my family bought a house in which no amount of shampooing could remove the smell of cats, so we ended up ripping up the carpet and replacing part of the sub-floor due to the seepage. Now if that doesn't give you a real mental picture.... So you can imagine my surprise and disgust when I walked into the bathroom last night to find...Phoebe. The 'good' cat. Peeing. On. My New Rugs. AAAaaarrrggghhh. I'm not sure what was going on there. She's the one I usually don't have to worry about. She's neat and clean. Her paws and fur are always meticulous. Why oh why was Phoebe peeing on my rugs?
Maybe because they're brown? Or because they had straw all over them from the inside of Ben's socks, pants and shirt? Or because Scott had dropped some dirt/manure on them from his spring-time dirty clothing? Who knows. All I know is that Phoebe got a healthy thunk on the head with my thumb and forefinger and a quick trip outside. Maybe she'll learn. Or maybe she'll learn to be an outside cat with occasional inside privileges....

We'll just have to wait and see.


Marisa said...

Oh Traci! Thanks for reminding me what I don't miss about having an indoor cat! Not that I was thinking about getting one! Have you tried a spray bottle to keep the cats off the counter? Of course, you have to catch them there, and if you had caught them there, there would not be tongue-prints in your butter. As for the peeing on the rug, any of your suggestions are likely, but sometimes cats have infections that cause them to do that. Just what you wanted to hear, right? I truly do not miss the cat hair, either. Okay, I'm going to stop, because I am surely not helping your cause!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Um, I hope there aren't Phoebe-Fluffs, because they are brother and sister, and that's just wrong.

I have no idea why she peed on your carpets!! Unless it's a territorial thing; our cat, Dini, went through some of that when we got a new cat, so maybe it was in response to the smell of the Colorado dog. Or you made her mad.

Cordelia just had 4 more kittens, in the porch. At least now the kids won't be fighting over the one remaining kitten, Blueberry Pie....

Kristin said...

I can relate, Trace. My cat has thrown up twice in a week on my brand-new duvet cover, which had inside it my brand-new-dry-clean-only-slept-under-for-only-three-nights-down-comforter. She is currently banned from wet cat food and looking for a new home....

Kathy said...

I was just peering around the corner to try and find my cat to see what she had to say about all this, and she of course, is MIA. Nowhere to be found lest she be named among the guilty. I'm with Farmer's Wife! This brother sister thing simply cannot be. (Butter thieves! The nerve!)