Thursday, May 7, 2009

Out and About

Ben and Ali on the cooler while Dad, Mom, Ryan and Zane are branding. They look like they like each other!
Ali wandered out in boots that will fit her when she's 8 and then she got cold so she ended up in my sweatshirt. She looks like a little pygmy!

Nothing like hanging out with a refreshing drink while the work is being done. I remember doing the very same thing with about 5 different partially-finished pops when I was a kid--in between rounds with the nut bucket.
Ben and Dad going out to check for the one missing heifer who was playing hooky (we actually miscounted) before trailing them back to the house. Mom got 3 whole hours of solitude while leading the herd in the feed pick-up. Ben and Ali rode with Dad in the ranger. Love that thing!!


Kathy said...

Traci-the photos are awesome. I love little kids in big people's clothes-they look so cute in them. Ya know-back in the days when they didn't have antibiotic this and antibiotic that,.... well, you just ate a popsicle, passed the n** bucket, ate a popsicle, passed the n** bucket, and so on. : ) Love you and yours on this Mother's Day!!!

Texas Ghostrider said...

I love these pictures, They are well composed and cropped. Keep up the good work....