Saturday, June 6, 2009


So it's official. At least until the next game. (Because we all know you're only as good as your last game....) On Tuesday, after a long day of VBS in Jordan (43 miles north) and basketball camp in Miles City (38 miles south), we were all ready to let off a little steam. The kids and Dad were gathered on the patio slab behind the house, and once I had the dishes done I joined them. Even Alli and Ben were getting into the action.

Truthfully, it's been a few years since I really felt like going out and shooting hoops with the crew. Getting back into shape after a pregnancy and then breast cancer and a pregnancy rolled into one has taken me a little longer than I would have anticipated. But gratefully after 3 years, my energy level seems to be quite a bit better (if not my respiratory system!?!). So out I went. Dad and Haley and Adam were engaged in shooting and passing around the perimeter, and then declared it was time for a game of P-I-G. I was game!

Scott, being the jock that he is, chose to go last, thinking he could just clean up after the rest of us. I gladly said, "Sure, whatever" (along with a friendly shove and a dirty look). The game proceeded pretty normally with Adam leading the way, sticking his sister with a P-I. I was able to put a P-I on Scott. Adam had a P, and I had a P. Finally it was time to get down to business. After 12 years, give or take, of coaching high school girls basketball, a person naturally learns a few trick shots with which to shock and amaze her young protege'. First, it was a backwards shot, over head, one-handed--swish-nuttin but net. See ya Scott!! Then Adam went to work on Haley and knocked her out.

So there we were. Adam and I. Just the two of us. Ready for a showdown. Have I mentioned that since he arrived, Adam has spent a minimum of two hours out at the hoop, shooting and dribbling and getting all warmed up? On the other hand, I had just picked up the ball and gave it one good test shot before the game of PIG commenced. So I thought I better just play straight up for a bit, just to see how it was all going to shake out. He nailed a 10 foot jump shot, which I missed, and earned a P-I. I was down by one letter. So I tried the left-to-right baby hook shot. Got im! Then another shot, a little more straight forward... just behind the backboard about 10 feet out on the baseline. BONK. A miss. Then Adam missed a jumper, putting me in control again.

Once again, I decided to get down to business, and end it once and for all. The game winner was the backwards, over-the-head, one handed swish.



The Farmer said...

Yeah, he just didn't want to make you feel bad. He'll lose a couple of more then clean up for the rest of the summer.

scott said...

Yeah, I'm just laying in the weeds setting you guys up. Just wait and see.

Marisa said...

Way to go, Traci!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Next time, the dude laying in the weeds needs to take a picture of your fancy shots!

(Can you come up with a cheap trophy? That would be FUN, to move it from winner to winner.)