Saturday, June 6, 2009

They're Baaack

Each May we here at the Glasscock house wait (some of us patiently, some of us not so patiently) for the arrival of our other two kids. Haley and Adam live in southern Colorado with their mom Dena, and we get the pleasure of their company through the summer months.

It's always a little crazy the first week or so while everyone adjusts to everyone else (you know--Ben, not being the boss, learning to eat my cooking, establishing the pecking order, sleeping in the boonies as opposed to the city, putting up with obnoxious younger siblings, Ben not being the boss) stuff like that.

But we love having them here and we're looking forward to the fun things we get to do: backyard games of basketball and catch with the football, vacation Bible School, camping in the creek at the "tree"--yes just the one..., vacationing in the mountains on the Clark's fork, the Livingston Round-up parade, basketball and football camp, moving cows, feeding the crew at harvest, learning to drive, learning to cook, learning to operate the fork-lift.... all kinds of fun stuff!

Here's looking forward to a fun-filled, busy, running every-where summer? Could it be any different? Really?


scott said...

We are going to have fun going on a vacation that doesn't involve looking at a tractor or going to a bull sale or going to a family reunion or even playing the bagpipes. Since that is why we leave town most of the time. However, I may have to drive by an implement dealer or two.

Marisa said...

Welcome back, Haley and Adam! It was great to have your help at VBS!

The Farmer's Wife said...

LOVE the picture!
LOVE your family!

(Don't love that you're going to be gone for DAYS on end, with no possible way to contact you in case of brisket emergencies...)

Have a great time! It's good to have the Haley Anne and Adam back in the country...

Vonnie said...

What a beautiful picture! I love Ben's little bare feet!

Kathy said...

The kiddos look precious. Enjoy and breathe! : )