Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation Report Day #3

Thursday morning of vacation, we woke up to a breakfast of eggs, bacon, freshly grated hash browns, fruit and coffee. Man am I glad we opted for eating breakfast and dinner at the lodge! We decided to hike on Crandall Trail to Crandall Creek, which is where Scott's family used to have land and a couple of cabins. We hiked in, just over a mile, fished in a very fast stream, had lunch and then hiked back out. The kids did great: Haley and Adam were the pack-horses, carrying the backpacks with lunch and Ben and Alli were troopers! Alli walked most of the way in, and Daddy packed her most of the way out. She never would let go of her Barbie pole!

That afternoon, Allison was due for a nap, and I had some homework to do for my Esther Bible study, so we headed back to the cabin for a little quiet time. Dad and the three oldest kids headed back for more fishing at Lily Lake. They again slayed the fish! And if you guessed that the Lightning McQueen pole, caught the most fish, you guessed right. In two days of lake fishing, we caught 16 fish and all but four of them were caught with old Hot Rod, Lightning McQueen! Alli took quite a nap, and so did Mom and we were all refreshed for a great dinner of roasted chicken, roasted root vegetables, salad and strawberry crisp with ice cream for dessert. We strolled along the Clark's Fork after dinner and had a rock-throwing competition, which Dad won, going away.

After a great night's sleep, biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and good-byes, we packed up the Suburban and headed north toward Billings and the water slides. We enjoyed a drive up the Beartooth pass again, and descended down the hill to Red Lodge. A person can't travel through Red Lodge without a stop at the Candy Emporium, so we had a detour there and watched Ben and Allison's eyes widen in amazement at all the candy! Especially the salt water taffy which is a favorite of Ben's. We traveled on to Billings and lunch at McKenzie River pizza. We had to stop at the Mall (YES!) to get some football gear for Adam's camp in Helena the following week and then we took a visit to Action Farm toys which all the boys thoroughly enjoyed.

We finished up our trip with a stop at the indoor water park where everyone got into the action. I forgot my camera in the car, so I don't have any photos of that particular event, but suffice it to say, even I got into my suit and went down on the inner tube with Scott, something I haven't done since I was in college. Fun stuff. Benjamin was a little intimidated by all the activity and noise, but by the end of our time, I convinced him to go down the kiddie slides. Alli couldn't get enough, and Haley and Adam had a great time too, until there were no more double tubes available. By that time, we were all pretty water logged and ready to get home.

It was a great vacation! Something we need to do every year.

The pictures are kind of random because I can't get them to float here on the blogger screen, but here are some last day photos:

A water fall on the way up Beartooth pass.
Ben, fishing on Crandall Creek

Haley and the "Hot" Rod

Dad and the kids on Crandall Creek

A view into the valley from Crandall trail where Glasscock's cabins used to be.

Alli making mud pies.

Ben making mud pies.

MMmmm good lunch!

Mom and the little kiddos enjoying lunch.

Daddy packing Allison out of Crandall Creek. She was almost asleep, and still wouldn't let of of the pole.
Well that's about all the photos from the vacation trip. Thanks for taking a look back with us!


scott said...

yes we had lots of fun, and we need to do it again next year. Good job on the blog dear.

Kathy said...

Wow, what a walk down Memory Lane, Traci. I loved the pictures (yes especially of Crandall Creek area), and am so glad I got caught up on your vacation. I'm with Scott = a once a year family vacation is a must. What a beautiful area! Hug all for us!