Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

The 4th of July always signifies a travel weekend here at the Glasscock house. Scott's bagpipe band always plays in the Livingston Roundup Parade on the 2nd, and has played in various parades from Lander, WY to Ennis, MT. This year was no exception. Haley had been at basketball camp in Helena all week, so after the parade in Livingston and a night at Chico Hot Springs (which I highly recommend by the way) we headed to Helena to fetch Haley. After a long month! of work, Auntie Liz and Uncle Tim and Cousin Shawn arranged a picnic out on the Little Blackfoot river. After some good cooking by Uncle Tim and Safeway's deli, we had some chicken, rolls, salad and chocolate!!! Then the kids tried their hands at fishing in the river and Liz took a little alone time to do some fishing too. Then Scott pulled out the pipes and the kiddos had to try their hand at the fling as well. It was a riot! Haley's really good, but the other three.... let's just say they tried hard and had a good time. Thanks Moores for a great evening!

The next day we traveled to Ennis, MT for the big parade they have there. Scott performed with the band and Haley danced, and the rest of us were a little disappointed at the amount of candy we didn't get! Then we headed home to finish up haying. Great weekend!

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Maggie just listened to Scott's pipes and said, "It sounds magical!" She's right. And you know my favorite piping is outside, always.

What a fun time!

Kathy said...

Great pictures, Traci. So glad you all had a good time. Please hug those kiddos-all four of them, for us!

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