Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Catching UP

Hey everyone or anyone who reads the blog occasionally. I've been really behind with this thing. You'll be able to see why as you scroll through the posts I have put up today. Some I started a month ago and a couple I just put up today. I posted one about our trip to Big Fork, our camping trip to the tree, some pictures, and upcoming is the 4th of July post complete with some piping and dancing.

We're in the midst of cutting wheat, and due to a shower last night and the late start today, I don't have to cook a big meal for the crew, so instead I thought I'd catch my blog up to date... It sounded more fun than cleaning the bathrooms or vacuuming. I can't imagine why. But I always feel a little guilty when I'm entertaining myself as opposed to being productive, so I suppose I better shut it down for a little while. Maybe I'll have time for more later. Anyway, enjoy the updates and the photos!


Marisa said...

Traci, wonderful posts! You've got some great pics, and it was nice to see what you've been up to. Love the fling video! What did I learn from my summer vacation? It's just too short.

Kathy said...

I've been praying for ya'll for fair weather.....and hmm- rain during harvest doesn't sound like your number one choice. I am glad, however, that you're back to blogging....I read, I check back, I check back, post a few, check back and wa la!!! Posts! I love them.