Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Photos

In anticipation of someday getting a Digital SLR camera, I borrowed a film SLR camera from The Farmer's Wife and have been fun taking pictures and experimenting. I still have lots to learn, but here are some of my attempts.


The Farmer said...

The grains bins are nice.

The Farmer's Wife said...

For once, the Farmer and I agree! (Mark that on your calendar, Country Wife....)

The grain bin picture is exceptional. I'm glad you're having fun! I know we discussed the fun of anticipation, with film, and I do miss that, sometimes.

AND, I like the camping pics, too. Good light, good subjects, good times. And next year, you'll be shamed into camping. It's not so bad. And it's one night of memories that you can tuck into your heart.

Rosie O'Grady said...

Great pictures! What kind of camera are you using?

Texas Ghostrider said...

I once was a free lancer, mainly photojournalism but some "landscape" stock. You do have an eye for composure, keep up the shooting!The first, second and fourth pictures are really nice.

TraciG said...

It's an EOS Rebel Ti. It's Mary's old film camera and it works great! I'm finding 200 film speed works a little better for what I mostly shoot. Been saving for a digital SLR, and so between that and harvest wages and a birthday present, I'll get to own one soon!

Kathy said...

Favorites are: the silos and the the table with the reflection. Great work Traci! Someday your camera of choice will be yours, I'm almost sure of it!