Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Tree

Every year, we take a little camping trip about 3/4 mile up the creek to the one tree that hides there. We pack the hot dogs, the s'mores, the soda, the sleeping bags and the tent, and set out in the pick-up and two four-wheelers. We build a fire, set up a tent, and go exploring on the sand cliffs. It is just a great time for all of us, at least until it's time to sleep in the tent. Mommy has opted out, what with being pregnant and having a baby in the house. This year, she just chickened out and ended up back at the house. This year, Alli decided she was big enough to stay with the kids and Dad, so she did, but nobody except the boys slept much. I think that next year, I'll be a good sport and sleep out with the rest of them, but only if I get an air mattress!


Kathy said...

You guys know how to make the memories. Way to go, Traci and Scott. I think I may try to figure out how to print out the last photo...the children would love to have one. If I have trouble I'll be putting in a request for a separate email! : ) said...

Nice visiting here 'feeling' the country life. Something I only get to do in movies/books.:o)