Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Fun!

Last week was a crazy week! As you all know we live about 40 miles from Miles City. On a normal week, we go to town on Sundays and usually one other day, at the very most we are in town 3 days in a given week. Last week was a little different.

Scott's oldest two, Haley and Adam, have moved back to Miles City with their mom, who is now an ICU nurse at Holy Rosary. We are excited and glad to have them so close so we can be a bigger part of their lives. And because of this, there were going to be some changes, including a few more trips to town for things that were happening with them and their schools. We were in town every single day! Last week was probably an extreme example of the change that will take place.

We journeyed to church on Sunday morning and came home for Sundy dinner of roast beef, potatoes and gravy. By that time, everyone was ready to just stay put. Scott decided to cancel band practice so then the fun began. We relaxed...played games, took naps, played tractors... and then I made a peach pie and homemade ice cream to be ready in time for supper--BLTs with tomatoes from our garden and bbq chips, everyone's favorite.

While I was cleaning up, Scott and the kids decided to play some hoops, and then football. Scott and Ben were one team, Adam, Haley and Alli the other team. I went out and decided to capture a few pictures.

Haley catching a pass from QB Adam

Adam, ready to air it out.

Shaking hands.... Haley and Adam won.

Finishing up with a prayer huddle, just like the big guys!

Full Moon... a beautiful end to a great day!

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Kathy said...

What a Dad Scott is. I am super proud of him, of you both! Love-the faraway sister.