Monday, October 12, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

Last week, our family had the dubious honor of "watching" our friends little girl, the recently-turned-one, Baby Gwennie (that's what the kids at our house call her anyway). Anne had a doctor appointment in Miles City, and Eric had work to do since he was going to be taking over child care duties later in the week, so Anne called to see if we were free. It worked pretty well, since Anne lives about hour from here, and we live about 45 minutes from MC, so leaving Gwen here where Anne could drop her off and pick her up en route, made it a little shorter day for both the sitters and the sittee.

Ben and Alli were both pretty excited about the fact that they got to "help" watch Baby Gwennie. They were so excited in fact, that they ferreted through their closets (under Ben's direction) to find the "baby" toys, you know, the ones they were just way too big to play with. Ben found a couple of tractors and some blocks; Alli found some rings and a pig that never quite made it into Gwennie's hands and didn't find it's way back to the toy box either, remaining in a place of honor on the living room window sill.

Gwen came right in and was pretty excited to see all the different toys all over the floor in the living room. She was so interested in the big kids that she didn't even fuss when it was time for her mom to leave. You know, sometimes there are jobs and sometimes there are JOBS, but having Baby Gwennie here didn't really qualify in either category. The only time she even fussed was when I laid her down for a nap, and she finished her bottle and realized she was in a strange place. She didn't seem too tired, so I got her up and she played with Benjamin while Alli was napping. she finally starting rubbing her ear about an hour before I expected Anne's return, so I laid her back down and after emptying her bottle all over her hair and clothing, she slept for about 45 minutes. When she woke up, we changed her duds, entertained her with the kittens, and she was a smiling, happy kid when Mommy arrived.

I don't remember either of my kids being quite that amiable and easy to get along with. I can guarantee they're not that way now! Thanks Anne and Eric, for entrusting your girl to us for an afternoon. We'd love to have her back again for a visit sometime (and I guess you guys can come too....)


Kathy said...

Fun chronology of a day in the life of a princess! : ) Cute plus cute = cuter!

Anne said...

THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU Glasscock family!! Baby Gwennie is still enjoying the toys sent home with her and perks up when we talk about "the kids." I have to add that she cried from your driveway on, after realizing she was leaving her new friends.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Baby Gwennie is a treat, isn't she? Mags and Angus love her, too. These pictures just make me laugh!