Saturday, October 31, 2009

Playing in Leaves

In our part of the world, trees are kind of like calm days: few and far between. For some reason, the country north of the Yellowstone River is pretty sparsely populated with both people and trees. When we decided where to place our new house, my husband and father-in-law decided that the area where the most trees are located was the best spot. And I have to say, that 11 out of 12 months of the year I agree. But when it comes time to rake all the leaves off of our beautiful trees, I think I would trade yards with any body else who lives in our neighborhood! This year because of all the fall moisture, our trees stayed green and then the cold frost is what encouraged the leaves to turn brown and fall. this morning, we decided we should do some work on the leaf lawn the trees created. I think the kids and I hauled about 14 wheel barrows full over to the compost pile, and then the wind picked up, so we decided we'd wait for the rest of them to fall before we finished the job. I did get some great pictures of the kids in the pile though! Looks like there will be plenty of leaves to work on another day.



Kathy said...

Oh the pictures are great, Traci! I see Christmas card material, snow or no snow! And the cameo appearance by the dog is great. Hug 'em all for us. I can't believe how they've grown!

The Farmer's Wife said...

I'm just so transparently jealous of all those old cottonwoods in your yard!!! Do you know what a pile of leaves off our deciduous trees would amount to? Yes, if we fluffed them a lot, we might get a bucket-ful....

I love these pictures, and I love these kids. (I'm also a little jealous of your slaves, er, helpers...)

Kristin said...

Um, I spent a month raking leaves at my new house. By far the worst part of home ownership, so far. I foresee a road trip for the Glasscock family next fall. Those kids could have my yard raked in an afternoon!

Hmmm....just how far is Cohagen from Shelby, anyway?