Monday, October 5, 2009

Running into Fall

I've been in the process of putting this post up for about a week, but for some reason, I couldn't get any pictures to upload. I did a little fiddling and finally adjusted some of my settings and made things work again.

We have been pretty busy, running around being spectators at Haley and Adam's activities. Haley is playing volleyball at the junior high and Adam has been playing little guy football.

Haley's team has been fun to watch over the course of the past 6 weeks because they have been improving a little every game. The first game, honestly, was kind of painful to watch as they could barely get a serve over the net. But now, they are serving with quite a lot of confidence. Haley's serve has improved to the point she has to step about 8 feet back from the court boundary, just so the serve will stay in bounds. She's awfully strong, and as long as she gets her toss up, her serve is pretty tough to return. She's also been getting some confidence playing at the net, spiking and blocking.

Adam was drafted by and plays for the Steelers in the Little Guy League. They had a tough couple of games to begin with, but the last two games have shown quite a lot of improvement, and won last week. Adam plays on the line and is finding he especially likes playing defense where he gets to try to get the opposing quarterback on the ground.

Haley finishes up today with her final game in Hysham, and Adam plays one game tonight and finishes up next weekend with a game on Friday night and one on Saturday.
Having two kids in activities in Miles City and one in kindergarten in Cohagen has definitely made our schedule a little busier, but it's been a lot of fun!


The Farmer's Wife said...

Alright...when did they start letting super-models play volleyball for the Cowgirls? And that's a great shot of the line, in Adam's game!!!

I know it has been crazy. Thanks for posting pictures of your life.

scott said...

Good pictures dear! Good job kids for kicking some butt in volleyball and football. I've enjoyed watching all fall long.

Montana Clamity said...

I enjoyed the photos will use them in i photo. MIL

Kathy said...

So busy, but so fun!!! Blessed you are!