Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Thankful For...

I'm sure that bloggers all over the country are using their spot for exactly this. It's probably a good thing... our pastor was talking about this on Sunday that part of the reason we are discontent with our lives is because we don't spend enough time being thankful for what we do have. So, while I was bustling around the house, cleaning, cooking and caring for kiddos today, I went through my list of top 10 things that I'm thankful for.... Drumroll please:

10. My computer. Yeah, I know. That's maybe a little shallow. But I love my computer because it enables me to keep in touch with people I haven't talked to in years, it gives me a place to be creative via my blog, and my Photoshop program, it is an endless source of information for things like finding the perfect chocolate cheesecake recipe, determining who won the game I was too tired to stay up for, who wrote that one book... stuff like that. It makes living in the country easier to be in touch with the world around me.

9. My house. I know it's just wood and nails, glass and fiberglass. But I like my house. It's warm, comfortable, big enough that I never run out of things to clean. It expresses my family's personality. It's a place where we have had a lot of good food with a lot of fun people.

8. My Books. I kind of stole that one from my dear friend the wife of the farmer (Farmer's Wife). I love being able to pick up a book on any subject and either relax, learn or be entertained.... Currently I'm reading "The Smart Step-Mom", and "The Bottom of the Sky".

7. My Music. Love it... pretty much any kind, any place. I love to turn on whatever music I'm in the mood for and reading, cleaning, visiitng, cooking etc. while the music plays. Also love to sing it! I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to sing on the worship team at church. Nothing like singing together praising God.

6. My health. January will be 4 years of being cancer free. I still get tired sometimes, but for the most part I'm feeling more and more like my old self, pre-kids and pre-pregnancy. Thank you Lord!

5. My friends. I have quite a little group of friends out here in no-mans land. I can always count on one of my country girls to totally relate to my day or my week, or make me feel better, because I know their week has been busier or more stressful than mine. I always have someone who stays home with her kids like me who can commiserate or celebrate depending on the situation. They pray with me and for me. They are quite the ladies!

4. My life. I mean it.... I love being married to a farmer/rancher and living in the country helping him grow crops, care for cattle and keep the books. It's rewarding and fulfilling. It's stressful and busy. I can't think of a better place to live or a better place to raise a family.

3. My kiddos... all four of them. I love to watch them grow up, laugh together, learn things, give hugs and kisses. I love to hear the way they think and some of the ways they express themselves. I love the way they look at the world through 4 unique perspectives and act in 4 unique ways. They are challenging and rewarding and big-time blessings.

2. My husband. He's great. Without getting too sappy, I just have to say that I am blessed. He cares about me and encourages me in the talents and abilities I have. He provides for us financially, but more than that he provides great leadership for our family in a spiritual sense. He's a great dad who does a great job with our kiddos. He's my best friend who knows all my secrets.

1. My Lord. He sent His Son to save because He loved me that much. He provides wisdom, strength, and power. He blesses us with so much that we forget all good things come from Him. He listens when I'm excited, nervous, tired or angry. He continually surprises me with how much He cares about the details in my life. Without Him, there would be no 2-10. There would be no meaning or hope to this life. And I just can't imagine it.

What do you think? Do we need to be more thankful, more of the time? I know I do.
Happy Thanksgiving friends!


Kathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Traci and Family! We love you all! Kathy, Danny, Bethany and Daniel

The Farmer's Wife said...

I love your list, Traci!
And I want you to know, you and your family top our list almost every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

scott said...

Great list dear. You made a wonderful meal yesterday, and it was greatly enjoyed by all. Glad to know I'm near the top of your list, makes me feel loved. You are certainly near the top of mine. Love Scott