Saturday, November 14, 2009

Allison Lee turns Three

She came as a bit of a surprise. We had planned to have another child after Benjamin, but due to a few health issues, figured we could wait a little while. And then, out of the blue, we found out we were expecting another child after Thanksgiving, close to the first part of December. We had a few stressful months as we took care of all the health issues, and then got to have some down-time from September to November.

I remember going in to my appointment at the end of October, and my doc told me that he would be gone for three weeks, and that I could see his partner in two weeks. When he got back we'd talk about the time frame, and whether we'd need to induce or just wait for things to happen. He assured me he'd be back in plenty of time, with time to spare even.  No sweat. Scott's hernia surgery was scheduled for the week of the 7th, on Tuesday so he'd have plenty of time to get healed up before the baby came. Right.

Well sure enough, two weeks came and so did my trip to see the other doctor. She casually asked how far along I had been in October.

Oh. Umm, I don't know. We didn't really check things out. I'm not due until after Thanksgiving.

As it turned out, I had already been making some significant progress in the process. She looked at me and said, "Traci, it's not a matter of if you have a baby this weekend, it's when you'll have this baby this weekend. How far from town do you live?"

Only 40 miles. It takes like, a half an hour. Tops.

She looked at me like I'd lost my mind. "You really shouldn't be that far from a hospital."

Did I mention my husband had hernia surgery on Tuesday? He can't really drive, let alone lift the 2 year old. I haven't even felt any contractions. I'll be fine. I'm not due until after Thanksgiving.

"You shouldn't be lifing the 2 year old in your condition. You should probably stay in town."

I finally convinced her that I could go home, but a trip to Jordan that evening for book club was out of the question. That really bummed me out! That's like the highlight of the month! I promised her I'd walk around Wal-Mart (it's the closest thing to a mall we have around here, and it was chilly that night) for an hour before I went home, promising I'd call the minute things started happening.

About 12 hours later, we determined we'd better head to town. Scott drove us to town, quickly but gingerly. We dropped Ben off at Aunt Vonnie's and a mere 8 hours, later Allison Lee arrived. She weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz. and was 20.25 inches long. And she was perfect. We were all relieved and ecstatic! And the best part is that Scott got to stay at the hospital with me and recuperate right along with both of us
And now, we can't really imagine life without her. She brings frou-frou and sparklies, babies and hair-ties. She's a girlie girl who can hold her own with her two brothers. She's going to be one mean girl under the basket someday. She loves to sing, play with her "People" princesses, and mother her babies. She can fry a mean plastic egg and serve it with the best-tasting "tea" I've ever tasted. She already wants to wear lipstick and fix her hair. She loves frosting and says "Thank-you Mama" for anything I give her, even if it's just a bowl of cereal. She named her male kittie "Sweetie" and she thinks a skunk is a "stunk". She's unique an unexpected but wonderful addition to our family.

Happy 3rd Birthday Allison Lee!

Mom's version of a Princess Cake

Taking of the floral jewels (couldn't eat them)

6 Layer Raspberry Vanilla Lace Cake

Tu Tu, courtesy the Farmer's Wife and family

Opening Gifts with the Tu Tu on

The Cinderella Ensemble complete with

Wand and Earrings

Necklace and Crown

And the Glass (well, plastic) slippers

Daddy kissing his princess


Pohney said...

You are truly blessed. What a beautiful princess. Princess Abby celebrated her 3rd birthday today... It must have been a wonderful year.
Scott...You might want to start oiling the shotgun...Allison is going to be a beauty! Or ask Anne and Eric for the requirements to date your daughter!

Kathy said...

What a beauty! Favorite picture: where Princess's Daddy leans down for the princess kiss! : )

scott said...

Yes I will keep the shotgun close at hand. Hopefully don't need it. Feel blessed to have a wonderful family.

The Farmer's Wife said...

We were honored to be present at Her Majesty's court, when she turned three!
Please remember the words of my son as he looked at her in all her sparkling, princess glory: "I'm going to marry her."
He won't be able to support her in the manner she's become accustomed, but it may work out anyway...

Anne said...

These pictures are wonderful and happy birthday to Miss Ali from all of us Millers. We've never seen a prettier looking princess (and Angus better get good at looking for glass slippers!) Love to you all!

Kristin said...

She is so beautiful and such a miracle! She looks exactly like Cindi did at that age, especially in the one where she is wearing the necklace and crown.

Yep, you'd better get ready, Scott. She's going to break some hearts in a few years!