Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hook 'Em Horns!

    National Championship game is on tonight. Go Texas!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Plays, Programs and Pageants Galore!

When a person has kids, Christmas becomes a whole new season. And when they get old enough to go to school, another dimension is added, yet again....

Haley is our resident band and choir geek so she had a band and a choral concert before the Christmas break. She is a very talented musician, both vocally and instrumentally. She sings 2nd Soprano and is in the audition group Chanteurs which sang several times around town for the season. She also plays the flute and got to accompany the 7th grade choir at their vocal concert. Haley used her Glasscock charm to convince her very reluctant band instructor that their song "Carol of the Bells" was in pretty serious need of some actual bells to make it authentic. She found her way to the percussion section and composed a harmony part on the chimes, that added quite an effect at the Christmas band concert. She even got credit and accolades from her instructor... talk about a confidence builder! Haley's thinking she's ready to try her hand at a special number in church, so we need to see about that!

Adam too, got in the swing of things as he did his Christmas program for school and sang with the 5th grade chorus... he's not quite as excited about it as Haley is, but he too has a great ear and could be pretty talented if he'd give it a try. He did demonstrate his flair for the dramatic in his role as one of the 3 kings in the Sunday
School program at church. He looked very handsome in his jewel-toned red and blue costume and was quite the ham, especially when it came to the 3 wise guys sleeping out under the stars with their stuffed animals! It was a lot of fun to get to watch him perform. He really enjoyed it and told me he wished he'd have had more speaking parts (maybe because they kind of lip-synced to a sound-track)....

Benjamin was one of the Rascals in the play "Angels and Rascals" that the teacher at Cohagen and all of the students had a hand in writing. It was essentially about 2 rascals who tried to steal everything in sight from a grouchy woodsman (who smiled all the time), two neighborly young ladies who had cool horses, and 3 angels who saved Christmas just in the nick of time! It was a great story and the kids all did a great job and took their roles extremely seriously. Ben cracked me up, because he can be a bit of a clown, but for this play, he was ALL business, and was quite solemn and focused in order to get his entrances and lines down just so. The play was complete with the real Christmas story from the book of Luke and a visit from "Santa" and some old fashioned candy later in the evening. The whole community turned out for the play, or maybe all the finger foods following, I'm not sure which was the bigger draw.

Uno and Dos up to no good

Oh, No!

Angels here to save the day!

Contrite little fellows aren't they?

Check out that horse!

Cohagen Carolers!

Ben also participated in the church Sunday School program, as a sheep, but apparently he's getting to be a little old for ears and tails, as cute as they were! He did a great job with Away in a Manger, but wanted to get out of there, quick!!

Cute little critters aren't they?

And last, but not least was Miss Allison. She also got to participate in the Sunday School program. They let all the 2s and 3s get dressed up and bring the title of the play in, pose for oooohs, aaaahs, and pictures before they turn them loose into the audience. She, unlike her brother, relished the attention, surprise, surprise....

We were pretty proud parents as we watched our kids in their respective performances. I stayed home from the big kids' concerts because it was soo cold that week, and Benjamin had to be up early to get on the bus for school. That's one of the drawbacks about having the big kids in town and the small kids in the country... it's tough to get to everything. Scott is doing a great job, though and he got to take in all of it! It's been nice to have some down-time over Christmas break. Hard to believe kids go back to school on Monday!

Looking Back at Thanksgiving

I've been more than absent from my writer's post this last month. It seems the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was more of a blur this year than it is usually. Part of it may have been that I hosted Thanksgiving this year, so there was more of a flurry leading up to Thanksgiving than usual. I did some ripping of wall paper and painting and serious cleaning, including shampooing carpets before everyone came. My mom and dad, sister Terri and her family, brother Frank and wife Alex (her first big family event as family) all drove over, and sister Cindi and her pilot husband flew down in their Cessna.

This year was quite a treat because my 96-soon-to-be 97 year young grandma joined the rest of my immediate family. She and I had a serious pie-making tutorial on Thanksgiving morning. She's the master at making pie crust by feel! She cracked me up, because I had asked her to help me make the pies (which tickled her to no end to feel useful) so she came with the flour, salt and shortening already mixed up. She followed the recipe to a "T" because she wanted to show me how it's supposed to feel. Pie crust is one thing that kind of eludes me. Anyway, she was just flat disgusted with our dough... she determined that the recipe she used had way too much fat in it... based on how the crust was coming together. She usually just mixes it together by how it feels! She did give me some good hints about how a crust would feel if there were too much flour, or lard, or even water and how to fix it. I haven't really attempted a pie on my own, because there's no one here to eat it except Scott and me, and I'd end up eating more of it than he would, so I'm waiting for an event to try my hand at it again.

We did a traditional meal, with Mom close by to assist any turkey and dressing disasters! There was a big bird, homemade bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, 7 layer salad, frog-eye salad, a huge relish tray, and buns---followed by pumpkin, apple and peach pie.

It was a beautiful day and the kiddos all went outside after lunch. It was great fun to watch from a distance all the pink and purple (5 girl cousins under 6) chasing the two boys wearing blue and red. All too soon it was time for everyone to hit the road or the air... We watched a little football before hitting the hay in preparation for the big shopping trip.

Yes, I know. I'm one of those people who have always looked at those crazy early morning shoppers with a certain amount of disdain... What on earth could be that important! But, my new sister-in-law, Alex, has always done the early morning thing with her family, and really wanted to go, so I agreed. And as it turns out, we had a good time, and I found some GREAT deals that turned into great Christmas gifts. But that's for another post. All in good time my friends....

Mom and Gram

Gathered Around the Table

Getting Ready for Take Off



And AWAY!! (the little speck... heading toward Canada--almost)