Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas, New Years and Such...

I decided it was time to add my pictures from the holidays. We were at my parents' in Malta with my brother Frank, his wife Alex, their son Titus, and my grandmother Sylvia on Christmas Eve, and then my sister Cindi, her husband Travis, and their kids Taylor, Rylie, and Trevor joined us on Christmas day. We had a great time, and the kids had so much fun playing together!! We resolved that we need to do a better job of getting them all together more often, but since we are all farmers with cows and live 200 miles away from each other makes that pretty tough sometimes!

Nephew Titus... cute little guy!!

Aunt Alex and Allison with the new castle and princesses.... do I see another niece in my future?

 Alli, giving Titus a little cousinly advice about toys and presents.

 Mr. Ben and his new Star Wars Legos guys

 Titus taking a much needed break from the action!

Brother-in-law Travis with my Gram Sylvia, who turned 98 on January 7th. She's quite the lady and can put gardeners half her age to shame!

Adam always seems to get the shaft on his birthday as it is on New Year's eve. The past few years we've had his celebration on a different day so we could help with the all-night New Year's eve party at church, but this year we took a break and had a party, complete with party hats, noise-makers, presents, friends, sisters, brothers, moms and dad... oh yeah, and pizza, cake and ice cream. Adam was trying hard to be cool, and not enjoy himself too much in front of his friends....

Haley, Alli, and MacKenzie... with their tiaras. Beautiful aren't they? 

 Birthday Boy Adam... the big 1-3... Now we have TWO, count-em, TWO teenagers in the house!

 Ben, enjoying his ice-cream.....

Adam and his buddies

On NewYear's day, we did something a little different this year too... usually Scott's sleeping from his over-nighter with 200+ teenagers from southeastern Montana. This year we were all rested, so we had some friends over for more appetizers than a body needs all day long let alone before a prime rib-potatoes-salad-rolls dinner...and cheesecake for dessert. What a way to roll in the new year....Russ and Susie Milam with baby Hannah, and the W. Pluhar clan came over. Unfortunately, for one moment I allowed my children to be unsupervised with a Tech fan, and she did her best to indoctrinate them. Luckily, you can't really see Alli's horns behind Angus's head, so really it looks like she only got to one of them. We have been in an intensive Horns reprogramming mode, so I think we will be ready to go next year when they again win the Big 12, or whatever the name of the conference will be by then.

As you can see, we are off to a great start for the year... throw in a little more snow and some sub-zero weather, and it is obvious we are still in the midst of January... we keep looking forward though, and the mad rush that is calving, planting and spring will be upon us! 

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Guns up!


I'm so glad you put these pictures up, Traci. Your Grandma Sylvia is looking SO good...and Mr. Titus, what a heartbreaker!

Your family is our family, you know, so it's especially sweet to see these pics. Keep 'em coming!

(I have a full 5 minutes a day, at the bus stop, with Ben and don't think I'm not doing some reinforcing TTU work...)