Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February--Coaching, Calving---CHAOS!!

I promised more posts this year, and I'm trying, but here lately, it's been a little crazy around these here parts.

When I first moved to Miles City back in 1999, I taught and spent a large amount of my time at the gym as an assistant girl's basketball coach. I made a couple of great friends, Coach Veis and Coach Wambolt who were the varsity coach and freshman coach, respectively. After I got married and had a 40 mile commute every day, I opted out of working in town, and that included the coaching. Cary and Fred remained good friends and it was really fun this year, when Haley started playing Cowgirl basketball. I would get to see them pretty regularly at her games and then I'd stay and watch the JV and Varsity games.

On Friday night, The 14th of January, I got a phone call from Coach V. telling me that Fred had been in an accident while removing snow from his roof, and that he was enroute to Billings on a helicopter flight. He assured me Fred would be okay, but that he might need me to help out some. Monday morning came, and he had arranged with another coach in town to help out with some of the practices, but wondered if I could help with some practice and coach the games. So of course Scott and I talked about it and decided we could help out. 

For the first time since I met Scott, I missed out on the Robert Burns celebration, because I had to coach a game, and have had about 7 since then. Scott has been calving out the heifers, save a few nights when I checked them when I got home from a late bus trip. Plus he's been watching kiddos. Ben and Alli have been troopers too, as they usually come in to MC for Haley's freshman games and then jump in with Dad and head home to help watch heifers.

We have only two games left, one tonight against Dickinson, ND in Miles City, and then one on Friday in Glendive. Then, my JV coaching duties will be over. I will continue to help Cary out until Fred comes back, if at all or until we lose at tournaments. Our divisional is in Glendive next weekend and then State is in Bozeman the 1st weekend of March. Calving is slowing down too, with only 3 left in this 1st cycle and a little bit of a break until the 2nd cycle comes along.

It's really been enjoyable... funny how the sights and sounds of the gym haven't changed these past 5 years...there are just different girls on the floor. The Cowgirl basketball program has had much success over the years, and it's a lot of fun to be a part of! Ironically it also makes me thankful that I have the opportunity to be home full-time with my kids and my husband, and able to help with the day-to-day parts of our operation. It also makes me really admire all those moms out there who work full time and be a mom full time too. It sure makes me tired!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Wee Bit O Piping

For those of you who missed out on the Bobby Burns celebration last Saturday night, here's a taste of it. Scott and Joel Woods put together a new piece which incorporated an old favorite with a new tune at the end. I might be a little partial, but I sure think it's great! I didn't get to see it live either, as I have been called out of retirement to help coach the JV team at the high school in Miles City. More on that later. Haley graciously recorded this, so the whooping you hear is her... considering this is her rookie recording, I think she did pretty darn good!

Anyway, enjoy it! We missed all of you snowbound folks!