Saturday, May 28, 2011


You'd think with all the rain we've had, I would be stuck in the house and bored to tears, with all kinds of time to write blog posts and such, and I have been. I just haven't really felt like writing much. Actually that stuck word kind of typifies what it's been like around here these days, in more ways than one! Since my last post on March 31st, we've had 12 inches of rain, give or take. That's as much precipitation as we get total on an average year. So while I've been stuck in the house with the laundry, cooking, and dishes, Scott and the guys have been stuck in the field more times than we'd like to count. I'll just add some pictures so you can see what I mean!

Stuck with the drill

Look at the water in the track. Crazy!

Stuck in the sprayer.

This is the benefit of all that moisture. Beautiful shades of green and water in a reservoir for the first time in the 10 years I've been around here!

Water going over the spillway in a stock reservoir.

Think maybe we need to get out more?

These are pictures of Haley and Adam last weekend in "If you can't beat it, join it" mode. They were sick of the house, so they chose basketball in the rain instead.

Davy Crockett--I mean Ben--out exploring in the rain.
Coon-skin hat is pretty good shelter from the rain though!

We've had our share of busy-ness too though. For the first time ever we are done with all the cattle work before we are done planting. We took a trip to see my parents and grandmother in Malta the Saturday before Easter, and as a last minute surprise, all the cousins and aunts and uncles showed up for an Easter Egg hunt in the back yard. We finished AI-ing , and had a great weekend of weather before it all got nasty. We are done branding all the calves except 15 head of the calves that were born late. My mom came down to watch Alli so I could help and we did the bulk of them in three days. The four of us (Scott, Ryan, Zane and I) got pretty darned efficient, averaging about 80 calves in an hour.

In addition to all of that, we squeezed in District Music Festival, State Music Festival, (where my Haley recieved a superior rating!!! Yay!!)  a wedding in Billings, a Young Ladies High Tea at church (Haley attended, and I was the guest speaker) as well as a Salad Supper in the fabulous town of Plevna, where I had the opportunity to share the story of my breast cancer and pregnancy. The ladies in the churches down there get together and share fabulous food, some singing, music and a speaker. It was my first real speaking gig, and it was fun to share how my faith grew through such a tough set of circumstances. Throw in the end of school, a going away party for our teachers, and you can see what we've been up to around here.

Things should settle in to a dull routine as the rain is supposed to diminish later on this week, so maybe the guys can get the crop in. No real big plans for the summer except lots of haying and hopefully a big crop to harvest (in October at this rate!!).

Sorry for such a long and rambling post! Just thought I'd get caught up!