Friday, August 12, 2011

It's that time again....

The Crew

The Junior Crew

Checking out the load


My little pea-picker

A picture that shows the 'bigness' of the country out here.

This year's corn...hopefully the weather holds so we can cut in late October.

Peas planted at the end of June... remarkably good for being so late!


First night we tried to cut... and we've been at it a week now. 2/3 done with the Winter Wheat tonight.


Kathy said...

The work is grueling; the photos are phenomenal!

TraciG said...

Thanks Kath! Just got in and it is a balmy 73 degrees out... feels almost chilly! Weird to be so cool for harvest weather!

The Farmer's Wife said...

I like the "bigness" picture, best, but they're all wonderful! Good to see you put something up again, my friend. I like your blog and have missed it.

Harvest need tshirts!

Rosie O'Grady said...


Love those pictures! It makes me homesick all over again.

Kathy said...

Traci, we were in Matthew 3 today where John talks about the winnnowing fork, the threshing floor, and the chaff being burned with unquenchable fire.I remembered your picture of chaf, and so we took a virtual field trip back to your blog. Great visual. Thanks again! Love, us. : )