Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mid-Summer Travels

For the first time in married life, our harvest hasn't even started yet, as of August 4th. And due to the rush rush rushing of plantingsprayinghayingspraying, we didn't get a chance to go on much of a vacation jaunt in June.  So when it looked like maybe we'd have a few free days at the end of July, we booked a couple of nights in Red Lodge at the Rock Creek Resort. For some reason, the pictures ended up almost in reverse order, so I'll narrate them that way. 

Saturday morning, we saw a few mountain goats near the top of Bear Tooth Highway.

Looking down to the bottom at a lake from the top.

Looking up from my bottom as I slipped heading back to the vehicle (smooth move huh?)

One of the lakes on the flat as we headed down the other side.

Ben, heading back from a pit stop.

A picture of the falls.

Scott and the 3 youngers heading up to the top of the falls.

Haley and I stayed down and watched the water come crashing down. It was beautiful!

Allison making meatballs out of mud on the banks of the Clarks Fork River.

Haley and Adam, snacking, waiting for our picnic lunch.

This is back a day, on Friday. Our first stop in Red Lodge was at the Box Car that makes a mean Hot Fudge Sunday. Ben and Alli opted for a twister cone, and Scott, Haley and Adam opted for milkshakes. Haley raves about the huckleberry milkshakes from the red caboose!

Dad and Haley

Adam (aka Mr. Smooth)

Usually everyone is waving me and my camera away, but for some reason this year, I didn't get quite as many pictures as I usually do. We headed on over to Cody to see Scott's Uncle Don and Aunt Peggy on Saturday over the Chief Joseph Highway. It was fun to see that country and their beautiful new home. Then we headed back through Belfry and the location of the Smith Mine Disaster. It was interesting as none of us had taken that trek before. On Sunday after an awesome breakfast at the Red Lodge Cafe, and a trip to the famous candy store in down town Red Lodge, we headed to Billings via Roscoe, Fishtail, Absarokee, and Columbus, also a new trip for most of us. We ended the day in Billings with a trip to Old Navy for our resident teenage daughter and mom, and a trip to Coldstone Creamery for Dad and the three youngers.

We arrived home just in time to unpack, and head to the pasture to gather the heifers for the date with the veterinarian and his ultrasound machine bright and early on Monday morning. The guys are out bunching hay bales, repairing headers, and charging truck air conditioners in hopes to start harvest at the very latest by Monday. Praying for a smooth harvest season. We are so blessed to have a crop to harvest (providing we make it through tonight and tomorrow's forecast) some of the farmers north of Jordan and near Miles City have been obliterated by hail storms. Lord willing, the winter wheat will be in the bin in a couple of weeks, and then we'll have to wait a couple of more weeks to start on peas, lentils and spring wheat.

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