Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glasscocks in Action

So we've been busy. Here's what we've been up to:

Adam played football this year... Washington Middle School Broncos. He's a very tall 7th grader!

Alli playing dress-up... something she does on a regular basis. She also turned 5! on November 10th.

Haley, beautiful, with her dad at Winter Formal. Did I say beautiful?

Ben in the Cohagen School Christmas play. He's having a great year with a great new teacher. He's been lucky to have two great teachers whom he adores!

The family on a little jaunt up to Scott and Vonnie's playhouse on Christmas Eve. Little did I know I needed my mountain climbing gear for our outing! Then we played on some sandrocks. The wind was blowing about 30 miles an hour that day.

Adam's birthday... he turned 14 on December 31st.

Haley's playing basketball for the Miles City Cowgirls JV team this year. She's improved a whole lot, and we are all learning things in bball this year, parents included!
Adam is also busy playing bbal at the middle school. He's having a great season too. We've been spending lots of time in the gym...Ben and Alli have been bringing Lego guys and Littlest Pet Shop pets to keep themselves entertained. They get along pretty well, even though I'm sure they are bored sometimes. They have been troopers!

Once again on the 28th of January, we celebrated at the Caledonian Robert Burns Celebration. Fun was had by all and the pipers did an outstanding job!

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