Thursday, November 1, 2012

Photo Challenge, Day 1

Don't have a heart attack! I have been long inactive on the blog scene... lots going on, and not lots of profound ideas to write about are the reasons why. But my good friend The Farmer's Wife convinced me to come up with 30 days of a photo challenge for her, and then she sent me one and asked me if I was up for it... After considering thinking about it, I decided that I should maybe commit to it. Then she pinned me down, and so here I am.

The first challenge was to find things that resembled the letters in my first name throughout the day. So here they are:


You might have to squint and move your head funny, but there they are: T-r-A-C-I.

Phew. Day one is done! I'll try again tomorrow!

1 comment:

The Farmer's Wife said...

Especially the "r"! That was a tricky one...
It's so good to see your blog up and shaking again.
My day one may have to go up first thing in the morning....don't eliminate me from the challenge!
Thank you for doing this with me. I like the way you see the world and I think everyone else will, too.
((big hugs))